Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Boy Abunda disagrees with Rhap Salazar, advices him to review his brand essence

Boy Abunda had a message for singer Rhap Salazar during the Monday episode of "Aquino & Abunda Tonight."

Rhap's tweet regarding celebrities that lip sync became very controversial earlier this month.

"I hate seeing artists lip-syncing on TV," he posted on his Twitter account on Sunday, July 5, 2015. He followed it up with another post saying, "Yung iba nagkaka-album pa."

Many thought he was referring to James Reid and Nadine Lustre because the love team sang on "ASAP 20" and were given awards for their albums which recently turned gold.

Rhap denied it, though, saying that "those tweets are not for JaDine. Yung ibang tao kasi nag-mention agad na sila yun. Pero hindi naman talaga. Hope everything's clear now."

Boy said that he respects the opinion of the "Little Big Star" winner, but he disagrees with him.

"Rhap, alam mo, even the best artists, even the most brilliant singers have to lip-sync depending on the circumstance," Boy said. "It’s technical issue sometimes, mikropono ba ito, venue ba ito, sometimes it’s even a health issue. Hindi makakakanta but the artist is forced to be in a certain event. So, it’s not… It’s not evil. It’s not bad. It’s not treachery. Hindi pandaraya ang pag-lip-sync. Kailangan ito sa ilang pagkakataon," he said.

He also commented on Rhap's use of the word hate.

"I want to remind Rhap that if you have the freedom to hate artists who lip-sync, you also have the freedom not to watch them, switch off, huwag mong panoorin, walang pumipilit sa ’yo," he said.

As a talent manager, he also gave a career advice to Rhap.

"My advice as a manager, Rhap, is this: Instead of hating, instead of disliking itong mga non-singers who are making it as singers, panoorin mo sila. Discover what makes them tick. I mean, review your brand essence, your equity, ano ba ang ginagawa nilang tama na hindi mo ginagawa? Because with your enormous talent, Rhap, I’m sure you have a place under the sun. But that’s how you make something negative positive. Isang opinyon ng isang maliit na manager na katulad ko," he said.

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