Saturday, July 18, 2015

'PBB 737' - Ylona, Kamille and Kenzo are nominated for eviction #PBB7374thNomiNight

Ylona Garcia, Kamille Filoteo and Kenzo Garcia consist the 4th set of nominees for eviction from "Pinoy Big Brother 737."

Ylona, Kamille, Kenzo - PBB 737 4th set of nominees

It's the first time for Kenzo to be nominated while it's the 3rd for Ylona and 2nd for Kamille.

Kyle Secades was originally part of the list of nominees but he was able to save himself through the LigTask Challenge with the help of his chosen partner, Jimboy Martin.

It was a different kind of nomination process. Instead of the housemates giving points against the other housemates, they were instead grouped into three at the start of the week. They were given different challenges and the team that got the highest points at the end of the week was automatically saved from being nominated.

The Red Team - Zonia Mejia, Franco Rodriguez and Jimboy - was the winning team.

For winning, they did not only get immunity but they also got to save another housemate from the runner-up team - the Blue Team (Ryan Bacalla, Bailey May and Ylona Garcia).

Ryan Bacalla was already evicted Friday night, narrowing down the choice to Bailey and Ylona.

The Red Team chose to save Bailey.

If you want to save Ylona, Kamille and Kenzo, just text BB<space>Name of Housemate to 2366. Only 1 vote per SIM is allowed.

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