Saturday, July 25, 2015

'PBB 737' - Kyle Secades exits house

Kyle Secades broke the news to his fellow housemates about his Voluntary Exit after their Bigating Concert.

Kyle Secades

It was a very emotional moment not just for Kyle but to the other housemates as well, especially to his close friends Kenzo Gutierrez and Jimboy Martin.

Meanwhile, Kyle's exit saved the week's nominees Kenzo, Kamille Filoteo and Ylona Garcia.

Kyle was originally part of the nominated housemates but he saved himself by winning the LigTask Challenge.

It can be recalled that he felt some guilt when he won and left his friends in the nominated list.

Aside from that, he also felt bad when his group (Dream Team) won the rap battle over the Pinoy Big Brothers and Sisters. His close friends Kenzo and Jimboy were part of that other group.

And then he got stressed out with his group, clashing most of the time with their leader, Ylona Garcia.

It was during that time when he decided to tell "Kuya" about his desire to do a Voluntary Exit, which was eventually granted.

He reasoned that he missed his family a lot. He's not used to being away from them for such a long time.

Kyle went out of the PBB House on Saturday, July 25, 2015. He was welcomed to the outside world by his mom and dad as well as some friends.

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Photo: Twitter (pbbabscbn)

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