Saturday, July 11, 2015

'PBB 737' 3rd set of nominees revealed

The nine remaining housemates of "Pinoy Big Brother 737" underwent a face-to-face nomination for the reality show's third nomination night on Saturday, July 11, 2015.

It's not only that, though, because what happened was a "positive nomination" which means they are going to give points to the ones who they think are most deserving to stay inside the house.

Jimboy Martin topped the nomination with 9 points in total, followed by Kyle Secades with 7 points, and Franco Rodriguez and Kenzo Gutierrez with 4 points each.

The housemates with the lowest points were Ryan Bacalla with 2, Kamille Filoteo with 1, and Zonia Mejia, Ylona Garcia and Bailey May with no points.

The five teens that got the lowest were the ones nominated, although the LigTask Challenge could save one of them.

After the challenge which involved putting "money" in a giant piggy bank within 1 minute, Bailey was saved for having the highest total of 1,100.

Zonia could have equaled that amount (which would have resulted to no one being saved) but Big Brother didn't count her last 100 because her time was already over.

Ryan got the third highest amount with 750, followed by Ylona with 700, and Kamille with 650.

With Bailey out of the list, the official third set of "PBB 737" nominees are Kamille, Ryan, Ylona and Zonia.

PBB 737 3rd set of nominees

Vote for the ones you like to save by texting BB<space>Name of Housemate to 2366 for all mobile network providers. Only one vote per SIM is allowed. Voting costs P0.50 cents for all providers, except for Globe Postpaid (P1.00).

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