Sunday, January 7, 2018

Pilipinas Got Talent 6 - Pole dancers get 4 yeses, sexy dancer fails

The second episode of Pilipinas Got Talent 6 sent 1 act home and 3 acts to the next round. But unlike the 1st episode, no one got a Golden Buzzer this time.


First act to perform was the Type 1 Dance Company from Cebu City. At first it looked like the group was just a typical comedy-dance act in colorful shirts and happy mood. They, however, lived up to when they said they will bring something new with their performance.

Type 1

Their performance actually had 2 new highlights - first was when their biggest member used a skimboard to surf on the rolling bodies of 6 other members, second was when that same big person was thrown on the air to do a backflip.

The backflip was the finale of their act and it made judges Vice Ganda, Robin Padilla and Angel Locsin get on their feet out of surprise.

Type 1 Dance Company breezed through to the next round with 4 yeses.


Second contestant to move on to the next round was Janah Jade Lavador from Cebu City. The 13-year-old arnis artist got the keen interest of Robin Padilla that he even went to the stage to exhibit what he knows. Vice Ganda and host Billy Crawford eventually joined Robin and Janah on stage and it was hilarious. Vice really never fails to bring the house down.

Janah Jade Lavador

Janah got 4 yeses from the judges because she's really good for her age. Angel, however, wanted to see more emotion on the girl's face next time.


A number of line men from Cebu Electric Cooperative (CEBECO) II joined the competition to show that they are really not afraid of heights. The group danced on top of electric posts that are almost 40 feet high.

CEBECO II Blue Knights

CEBECO II Blue Knights said that they are made to dance on top of the posts as a requirement for graduation during their training for the electric coop. A requirement that would prove their fear of heights is gone.

I remember seeing another group of pole dancing linemen on a magazine show some 2 years ago, but they're not from Cebu. So, the act, while basically new on a talent show, is not really new on TV.

The Cebeco II Blue Knights got a standing ovation from all 4 judges, including Freddie M. Garcia, and 4 yeses as well.

I wonder how they could level up their performance next time.


The act that was rejected by the judges was that of a transgender sexy dancer named Dionisio Boqueron Jr. from Talibon, Bohol. I agree that her talent is not for Pilipinas Got Talent, but why did they even let her pass the initial audition and put her on TV?

Pilipinas Got Talent 6 airs Saturdays at 7 p.m. and Sundays at 7:30 p.m. on ABS-CBN, hosted by Billy Crawford and Toni Gonzaga.

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