Sunday, December 18, 2016

PBB: Lucky Season 7 - Regular housemates undergo face-to-face nomination

The Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 regular housemates underwent a face-to-face nomination during the December 17 episode of the reality show. It was a positive nomination, though, because they had to give points to their fellow housemates that they like.

Each housemate had a little Christmas tree where the other housemates would hang ball ornaments during the nomination. One ball equals one point.

At the end of the nomination, 3 housemates that would get the lowest number of balls on their trees would be in danger of being nominated.

It was Wil Dasovich that was called first. He hang 1 ball on Aura Azarcon's tree and 2 balls on Tanner Mata's tree.

Tanner, on the other hand, hang one ball on Jerome Alecre's tree and two balls on Luis Hontiveros'.

The third housemate to hang Christmas balls was Jerome. He gave 1 ball to Aura and 2 balls on Cora Waddell's.

Cora got another 2 balls came Baninay Bautista's turn, and another 2 from Luis. The BatangueƱa, meanwhile, gave her 1 ball to Tanner while Luis gave his 1 ball to Baninay.

Aura made Cora's tree even heavier when she gave another 1 to her. Aura's 2 points, meanwhile, went to Baninay.

Cora was the last to hang her Christmas balls. She gave 1 point to Tanner and 2 points to Jerome.

After the nomination, it was Cora that got the most number of balls with 7, followed by Tanner with 4 balls, and Baninay and Jerome who had 3 balls each.

It was Luis, Aura and Wil that would undergo a Ligtask Challenge.

After the challenge, Aura was able to save herself from being nominated. It only meant that Luis and Wil are the official nominees.

Since they are already part of the Lucky 7 regular housemates, it's time for the viewers' text votes to save them.

But voting has only been opened for 1 day because eviction will be held on Sunday night.

If you want to save Luis or Wil, just type BB<space><Name of Housemate> and send to 2366. Only 1 vote per SIM per day is allowed.

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