Wednesday, October 12, 2016

WATCH: Alden Richards meets Sharon Cuneta

Sharon Cuneta, in her recent Facebook post expressing sadness over the deaths of her half-siblings, mentioned about meeting Alden Richards at a Makati restaurant Tuesday night.

According to Sharon, she was having dinner with daughters KC Concepcion and Frankie Pangilinan and her son Miguel when she had "the bonus of meeting Alden."
Today, after a happy first rehearsal day for my Solaire concerts, then dinner with KC, Frankie and Miguel at our favorite Makati restaurant, Sakura, with the bonus of meeting Alden Richards there.
She also added that they are big AlDub fans.

Meanwhile, the chance meeting of Alden and Sharon was recorded on video by stylist Adrian Lindayag. It was eventually posted on Twitter by user AlDubForTheBigBoyz.
The two celebrities exchanged "nice to meet yous" and you could hear Alden saying that he got nervous. Sharon also mentioned that now, it's only Maine Mendoza that she has yet to see personally.

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