Sunday, October 30, 2016

'Pinoy Boyband Superstar' Middle Rounds - Top 12 named

The last two groups performed in the second part of the middle rounds' performance night of "Pinoy Boyband Superstar" on Sunday, October 30.

Group 4 performed Jeremiah's "Nanghihinayang" as coached by Thor Dulay. The group was composed of Tony Labrusca, Jindric Macapagal, Angelo Nabor, Jimsen Jison and Ford Valencia.

Those who were given good parts shone in the number like Ford who was praised by judges Vice Ganda and Sandara Park. Angelo sang his part well but he didn't shine as much because it was the verse part. Jindric, meanwhile, was obviously nervous and he would need a miracle to get through to the next round.

Group 5, on the other hand, got a standing ovation from the judges. They're the only group that got a standing O and according to Vice, they gave the best performance in the middle rounds with their rendition of Westlife's "Uptown Girl."

Composed of those who belonged to the Bottom 20, members of group 5 included Miko Juarez, Guion Antonio, the Twinkabogables, Tristan Ramirez and James Ryan Cesena. Judge Aga Muhlach could see at least 3 from the group that are worthy to be in the Top 12.

The Top 12

Three of the "Pinoy Boyband Superstar" hopefuls that would enter the Top 12 would be based on the votes of the studio audience who were all girls. Nine, on the other hand, would be picked by the judges.

The three that got in the Top 12 through the girls' votes were revealed first. They were Group 1's Joao Constancia (42.97%), and Group 2's Allen Cecilio (25.61%) and Niel Murillo (23.14%).

And then it was time for the judges' picks. The first 5 that were announced: Tony Labrusca, Miko Juarez, Russel Reyes, Henz Villaraiz and Mark Oblea.

The last 4 names were announced after a break. To complete the Top 12 were Markus Paterson, Tristan Ramirez, James Ryan Cesena and Ford Valencia.

Just to sum it up, here are the "Pinoy Boyband Superstar" Top 12:

Joao Constancia
Allen Cecilio
Niel Murillo
Tony Labrusca
Miko Juarez
Russel Reyes
Henz Villaraiz
Mark Oblea
Markus Paterson
Tristan Ramirez
James Ryan Cesena
Ford Valencia

That's 3 members each from groups 1 and 5, and 2 members each from groups 2, 3 and 4.

Next week, we will be treated to live performances and the viewers will already have a chance to participate in the fate of these boys in the boyband search through text votes.

Did your favorite get in the Top 12?

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