Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Paolo Ballesteros gets emotional over 'Die Beautiful' - Poster & Trailer

Paolo Ballesteros got emotional as he posts the teaser for "Die Beautiful" on his Instagram account. The Jun Lana-directed independent film is his first starring role. The movie also showcases his talents in "transformations" that he has shown the world through social media.

Die Beautiful - Poster

"Can't help but feel emotional, teary-eyed (talaga o baka baha ng luha) seeing this film and Trisha come alive," he wrote in the caption of the teaser.

The 33-year-old actor and TV host first transformed in the public eye through "Eat Bulaga's" mock beauty pageants where he wowed everyone with his very feminine looks once made up as a woman. He eventually tried doing his own make-up since his transformations became frequent, and transforming into the faces of famous local and international celebrities became a forte.

"Its hard enough to be the lead in a film, much more to play such a character (blisters from hours and hours of packaging tape, packaging tape for junjun) and to do your own makeup transformations (and adjust it yourself on set infront of the camera at 3am in the morning)," he recalled the pains he went through while shooting the film.

It was a happy experience, however, for him especially that the people he worked with gave their heart and soul for they were inspired with the story that the world will soon see.

"It was always a happy set. Too happy that i was always looking forward to the next day of filming. Its because Everyone (From direk Jun to utility) gave his heart and soul to this film. Endured everything because Everyone was inspired with what a beautiful story we have to tell. To Everyone thank you (alam nyo na mga mem). We can't wait to show you our Beautiful film. World Premiere soon," he wrote.

Check out the teaser of "Die Beautiful" below.

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Image: IG / pochoy_29

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