Tuesday, December 8, 2015

'Sunday PinaSaya' director jokes about romance between Alden Richards and Julie Anne San Jose, gets bashed

"Sunday PinaSaya" director Rich Ilustre is now being bashed on social media because of his Twitter reply to someone who asked if Julie Anne San Jose is the real life girlfriend of Alden Richards.

Rich Ilustre on T (T NetBerroya)Image: Twitter (NetBerroya)

"Yup," the director said. That reply, however, has already been deleted because, as he said in another post, others might take it seriously.

Rich Ilustre on Twitter 2Images: Twitter (Nashybeyb)

Be it a joke or not, the AlDub Nation (fans of Alden and Maine Mendoza) has already been hurt and a lot of them are now on social media criticizing Ilustre for the bad joke.

Meanwhile, Alden took to Twitter to post a simple "not true" a few hours ago.

Alden Richards indirectly reacts to rumors regarding relationship with Julie Anne San JoseImage: capture from Twitter (aldenrichards02)

Although indirectly and could've been his reaction to something else, the fans took it as the actor's answer to the issue, particularly to Ilustre's earlier "confirmation" of his romantic involvement with Julie Anne.

Alden and Julie Anne were romantically linked in the past. But that, as well as their friendship, was short-lived because Alden suddenly wouldn't talk to her all of a sudden.

Last June, the singer-actress said that she was still clueless why Alden even unfollowed her on Twitter three years ago. The heartthrob suddenly stopped talking to her when she got home from the US.

A month after, Alden said that he and Julie have already patched things up prior to the press conference for their new show, "Sunday PinaSaya."

He also denied the speculations that he courted Julie Anne and got rejected which resulted in a misunderstanding.

AlDub fans, however, were not happy with the two working together in "Sunday PinaSaya."

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