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Mister International 2015 Results - Pedro Mendes of Switzerland wins!

Pedro Mendes of Switzerland was named the winner of Mister International 2015 pageant held Monday night, November 30, 2015 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila.

Mister International 2015 Pedro MendesImage: Facebook (MISTER INTERNATIONAL)

The 26-year-old who hails from Geneva bested 35 other contestants from around the world for title.

2014 winner Neil Perez was present to pass on the crown.

Named first runner-up was Brazil's Anderson Tomazini, 26. Second runner-up was Korea's Sang Jin Lee, 29; third runner-up was Panama's Julian Javier Torres, 24; and fourth runner-up was Czech Republic's Jakub Kraus, 26.

Switzerland, Brazil and Czech Republic were among the crowd favorites from the start.

Neil Perez's Reign Highlights

The highlights of Neil Perez's reign was shown in videos. He took the stage for his final walk as Mister International 2014. He really talks like he doesn't have much energy, just like how he delivers his lines in "Princess in the Palace" where he plays, well, a policeman.

Ima Castro Belts Out

Singer Ima Castro belted out two songs for an intermission number, one of which was a song from "Jekyll and Hyde" musical, "Someone Like You."

Question & Answer

The Top 5 were made to pick their judges and were given a limited time to answer their questions.

Panama picked Vice Ganda, who asked what the contestant thought about the legalization of same sex marriage. Jose Paredes interpreted the question for him and interpreted his answer as well. Panama wittingly said that everyone needs to be respected, which means he respects those who approve of same sex marriage.

Next was Czech Republic who picked Jose Paredes. Asked how he will promote healthy lifestyle, Jakub said that he will promote himself as a good example.

Switzerland picked designer Francis Libiran who asked him what he would do to make a difference if he were a world leader. Pedro ran out of time but through an interpreter, he answered that you cannot be the best but you can try to be one.

Fourth was Brazil who picked judge Anna Chua of Resorts World Manila. "If given a chance to live life all over again, what would you change and why?" asked the judge. Anderson said that he would spend more time with his family, if given a chance.

Last was Korea who picked Miss Southeast Asian 2014 Thu Vu. Since the beauty queen couldn't read the written question well, Vice Ganda read it for her. "What do you think is the essence of winning this pageant?" the question read. Sang Jin Lee answered it through an interpreter, saying that it's being an inspiration to others, to guide them and to be a role model for the world.

Top 5

Heavy favorites Puerto Rico and Venezuela failed to make the cut, as well as Philippines.

The five finalists:

Panama, Julian Javier Torres
Czech Republic, Jakub Kraus
Switzerland, Pedro Mendes
Brazil, Anderson Tomazini
Korea, Sang Jin Lee

Special Awards:

Mister Congeniality International (chosen by fellow contestants) - Singapore, Edwin Aw
Mister Photogenic International - Mexico, Alejandro Ruiz
Best in National Costume - Philippines, Reniel Villareal (Venezuela and Indonesia were part of the Top 3)

Evening Wear

After the swimwear and the Top 10 was the Evening Wear Competition where the non-Top 10 contestants were the firsts to hit the stage. Glad to see Poland and Spain again.

While they entered the stage from the sides, the Top 10 were called from the center.

Australia in evening wearImage: capture from Rappler's livestream

Australia looked like a Ken doll (even in swimwear) but his coat looked a couple of sizes bigger than his size.

Mister International 2015 Top 10 Evening WearImage: Facebook (Missosology)

Stand outs were Puerto Rico who walked like a real winner, Czech Republic who looked so charming with his smile, and Korea who looked like a fashionable Asian doll clad in white suit.

Top 10

It's time to work for the pageant night judges as they ranked the Top 15 based on the swimwear round. Only 10 moved on in the competition and sadly, Spain didn't make the cut.

Mister International 2015 Top 10Image: Facebook (Missosology)

Three Asians got in, and gladly, the Philippines was in the list.

Here's the Mister International 2015 Top 10 as announced:

Venezuela, Rafael Angelucci
Czech Republic, Jakub Kraus
Brazil, Anderson Tomazini
Australia, Christopher Nayna
Indonesia, Kenny Austin
Switzerland, Pedro Mendes
Panama, Julian Javier Torres
Korea, Sang Jin Lee
Puerto Rico, Fernando Alberto Alvarez
Philippines, Reniel Villareal


The Top 15 paraded in their hot red swimwear to the beat of drums being played live on stage, giving an island feel.

The names of the countries, this time, were called out as contestants individually walked the stage.

Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, SwitzerlandImages: Facebook (Missosology)

Puerto Rico, Czech Republic and Switzerland were stand outs in this round. The Philippines, though, made me think of a robot being swayed from side to side as he walked.

Mariano Flomata Jr./Mamang Pulis/Neil Perez

Neil Perez was called back on stage, the female host greeting him with a "glad to have you here" line. But, of course, he'd be there. He's gonna pass on the crown!

Mamang Pulis, though, talks like he's reciting something he memorized from a book. Or perhaps he's just nervous, or sad because his reign was barely a year. He was crowned just last February.

He talked about fulfilling his duties as Mister International 2014 and at the same time his duties as a police officer.

Top 15

The Top 15 were determined during preliminary competitions. Crowd favorite Rafal Jonkisz of Poland failed to make the cut. The same with Bryan Weber of France who earlier this year placed 4th runner-up in the Mister Global 2015 pageant.

Here's the Mister International 2015 Top 15 as announced:

Puerto Rico, Fernando Alvarez
Venezuela, Rafael Angelucci
Sweden, Ivan Djelevic Virriat
Panama, Julian Javier Torres
Indonesia, Kenny Austin
Brazil, Anderson Tomazini
Lebanon, Farid Matar
China, Nan Li
Mexico, Alejandro Ruiz
Philippines, Reniel Villareal
Czech Republic, Jakub Kraus
Korea, Sang Jin Lee
Spain, Daniel Barreres
Switzerland, Pedro Mendes
Australia, Christopher Nayna

Formal Wear

The contestants looked dashing as they walked the stage in Francis Libiran formal wear. Among the more eye-catching ones were Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Colombia, Lebanon, Poland, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

No voice over introducing what country the contestant walking the stage is from, though. The music was loud all throughout and it sounded like those being played at the end credits of a movie.

The contestants went back onstage with their sash, though, so those unfamiliar with the contestants can now tell who's who.

The Judges:

The judges were introduced - Philippine Airlines' Lanelle Ocampo, fashion designer and architect Francis Libiran, Miss Southeast Asian 2014 Thu Vu (Vietnam), Mister International 2013 Jose Anmer Paredes (Venezuela), Resorts World Manila's Anna Chua, and comedian Vice Ganda.

Parade of Nations

The program started with a video shot on location in Ilocos Norte showing the contestants in their national costumes, followed by the thirty-six good looking contestants themselves doing a choreographed dance while wearing their national costumes on the Newport Performing Arts Theater stage.

And then the introduction. Mexico and Myanmar introduced themselves at the same time. Myanmar's fault, though. His turn was after Mexico.

Puerto Rico, on the other hand, was so pumped up he shouted his country's name at the top of his lungs like he was starting a war.

Mister International 2015 candidates with 2014 winner Neil Perez (FB Missosology)Image: Facebook (Missosology)

Mister International 2014 Neil Perez came out after all the contestants have paraded to join them in the choreographed dance.

Stephany Stefanowitz and Ryan Tercero were introduced as pageant hosts.

Philippines hosts Mister International 2015

The winner of the Mister International 2015 pageant will be revealed in a few, during the finals happening tonight, November 30, 2015 (Monday) at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila.

Mister International 2015Image: Instagram (neil23perez)

Thirty-six good looking men from around the world will compete for the title and become the successor of 2014 winner, Neil Perez of the Philippines.

Last Friday, Nov. 27, the contestants took part in the preliminary formal and swimwear competition where they showed of their winning forms.

Corporate awards were also handed out as follows:

Mister Placenta Soap For Men - Fernando Alberto Alvarez, Puerto Rico
Mister Oxin Telegenic - Andrea Luceri, Italy
Mister Mary Kay Cosmetics - Rafael Angelucci, Venezuela
Mister Philippine Airlines - Reniel Villareal, Philippines
Mister Unisilver Time - Daniel Barreres, Spain
Mister Teceruma Spa & Salon - Reniel Villareal, Philippines
Mister Diamond Star - Fernando Alberto Alvarez, Puerto Rico

The national costume competition, meanwhile, was held last week in Ilocos Norte where the contestants were also able to see the rich cultural heritage of the province.

The top ten contestants in their national costumes were:

Rafael Angelucci, Venezuela
Reniel Villareal, Philippines
Julian Javier Torres, Panama
Chalaphon Karnwatee, Thailand
Troy Thomas, USA
Halley Laithangbam, India
Rafal Jonkisz, Poland
Anderson Tomazini, Brazil
Fernando Alberto Alvarez, Puerto Rico
Kenny Austin, Indonesia

Corporate awards handed out during an event in Ilocos Norte were as follows:

Mister River Mount - Reniel Villareal, Philippines
Mister Natasha - Anderson Tomazini, Brazil
Mister Fort Ilocandia - Anderson Tomazini, Brazil
Mister Plaza Del Norte - Kenny Austin, Indonesia
Mister Vertex - Kenny Austin, Indonesia
Mister Smart - Christopher Nayna, Australia

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