Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lauren Murray pushes 4th Impact member (VIDEO)

Filipinos are happy and proud of what 4th Impact has been achieving in "The X Factor UK," that's why when it was seen that a fellow contestant seemed to push one of the sisters away, fans immediately took to social media to defend them.

Lauren Murray 'pushes' 4th Impact memberImage: capture from YouTube (Anthony Ying)

The "pushing" happened during Week 4's second elimination. Lauren was the first to be named safe, followed by 4th Impact. Louisa Johnson was the third act to be called and members of the girl group hugged her. When one of them tried to bring Lauren into the hug, though, it looked like the latter pushed the Filipino girl away, not wanting to be hugged.

4th Impact, however, said through a Twitter video that they are friends with Lauren, as well as with Reggie 'N' Bollie and Louisa.

Lauren also tweeted that she was cheering on Che Chesterman that time, adding that she adores 4th Impact.

It was unclear, though, why Lauren refused the hug.

Some fans of the Filipino act wouldn't stop bashing Lauren, exchanging heated words with the fans of the 25-year-old British contestant, despite the appeal from the group to move on.

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