Friday, October 9, 2015

'StarStruck' journeys of Joemarie and Princess almost come to an end

"StarStruck" held its KiligSerye Awards on Friday, October 9, 2015, after the 7 Ultimate Final 14 love teams showcased their acting skills the past days.

Koreen Medina and Avery ParaisoImage: Instagram (starstruckgma)

Koreen Medina was named best actress and her tandem Avery Paraiso was named best actor. The best love team, meanwhile, went to the AySon tandem of Ayra Mariano and Elyson De Dios.

Ayra Mariano and Elyson De DiosImage: Instagram (starstruckgma)

Winning those awards, however, didn't mean they're out of danger from the elimination as they could still be part of the bottom group.

Luckily, none of them got the lowest percentage of combined text and online votes (40%) and council scores (60%).

The ones named to get the lowest were Joemarie Nielsen, Princess Guevarra and Jay Arcilla, making them automatically part of the bottom group.

Liezel Lopez was also at the bottom for getting the most number of votes from among her fellow contestants.

The first to be named safe was Liezel, followed by Jay.

Princess Guevarra and Joemarie NielsenImage: Facebook (StarStruck GMA)

After a tension-filled commercial gap that was made intense by the sound of heartbeats in the background, it was revealed that no one was eliminated, to the delight of Princess and Joemarie.

It was a "pre-determined non-elimination week," according to host and council member Dingdong Dantes.

Their scores, though, will be added to next week's scores.

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