Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Julia Barretto on snubbing fans in London: "I apologize"

Julia Barretto has always been a favorite subject of controversies since she joined showbiz.

The most recent one? She snubbed fans in London and the incident was captured on video.

The young actress along with several other Kapamilya stars were recently in London for the 20th anniversary of the Sunday variety show, "ASAP."

The video uploaded on Instagram by carolina_fifteen shows Julia going out of a door. Voices calling her name can be heard but she doesn't even glance at the ones calling her.

In the latter part of the vide, however, she can be seen looking and giving them a little smile before she gets inside a van.

Julia instantly became a target of online bashing after the video became viral on the internet.

The Instagram video cannot be viewed publicly anymore, though, because the user has already made her account private. But that was before it has downloaded and re-uploaded on other social media sites like YouTube.

On Instagram, however, Julia apologized and explained what happened.

Julia BarrettoImage: Instagram (juliabarretto)

She said that they were already in a hurry "because we were almost late for our flight."

She also wrote that "none of you really know what happened. Of course only that part of the video was uploaded, not even the part when I made an effort to say hi despite how much people were pushing away the fans to make way for us flying back to Manila."

Meanwhile, Enrique Gil can also be seen at the end of the video waving to his fans on his way inside the van.

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