Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lucky Me! releases statement regarding glass-like particles inside pancit canton package

A video posted on Facebook about Lucky Me! Pancit Canton became viral last week. The said video shows an alleged glass particle found inside the sealed soy sauce sachet that goes with the noodle package.

The video became a hot topic as it was posted after the news about fake rice hit the headlines.

A few days after the upload of the video, the noodle company released a statement on Facebook saying that what was said to be a glass particle was actually a salt particle.

Lucky Me Pancit Canton

It has come to our attention that there are messages being shared about glass-like particles found in the soy sauce sachet of Lucky Me! Pancit Canton.

These are salt particles which naturally form when product is subjected to varying temperatures. Every soy sauce sachet is printed with a note to guide consumers on this natural occurrence. As these are made of salt, the particles will dissolve when mixed with freshly cooked noodles or hot water.

Rest assured that Lucky Me! places high regard in product quality and safety by employing stringent quality control measures.

The video uploader, meanwhile, said that it could be crystal said but "it is still unsafe for the kids to be eaten" because the said crystal salt didn't melt right away when they "put the seasoning with the hot noodles."

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Unknown said...

Oh, my best buddy this was my best bud since childhood... I must say this Lucky I complete the whole merienda, without it I think merienda will never be the same... Simple bread with pancit canton with any flavor is so delicious... that is why I always avail it with goods.ph with their enjoyable and great experience of delivery they made my merienda complete... Thank you lucky me for bringing and continuing to serve the Filipino People...

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