Thursday, July 16, 2015

Elizondo sisters finally give in to the Samonte brothers in 'Pasion De Amor'

The Samontes are slowly succeeding in their plot for revenge as the Elizondos give in to them one-by-one this week in Primetime’s hottest series “Pasion De Amor.”

Pasion De Amor

Juan (Jake Cuenca) finally gets a hold of Norma’s (Arci Munoz) heart after the eldest Elizondo chose him over her longtime boyfriend and fiancée Fernando (Ahron Villena) and called off her engagement. She even agreed to elope with Juan.

Oscar (Ejay Falcon), meanwhile, continues to seduce Sari (Ellen Adarna) with his charm and sex appeal.  Sari soon takes the bait and will no longer resist her feelings for Oscar.

As for Franco (Joseph Marco) and Jamie (Coleen Garcia), the two were quick to fall for each other despite the latter’s short stay in the Samonte residence. Just like her sister Sari who is ready to accept Oscar in her life, Jamie is also ready to give Franco her heart the minute the youngest Samonte asks for it.

Just as when things are falling according to the Samontes’ plan, the truth slowly comes into play as Norma discovers that Juan is one of the three brothers of Lyvia (Ingrid Dela Paz), the mistress of his deceased father Bernardo (Ronaldo Valdez).

How will this affect Norma’s love for Juan? What will Gabriela (Teresa Loyzaga) do once she finds out about this? Is it game over soon for Juan, Oscar, and Franco?

“Pasion De Amor” continues to be one of the most-watched programs on primetime television today. Last Thursday (July 9), the show hit its new all-time high national TV rating of 24.4% versus its rival program with only 10.8%. It also doing well online after it ranked as the third most watched program on video-on-demand site/mobile app iWantTV.

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