Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Angel Locsin criticized for 'racist' Twitter post regarding Mayweather

Angel Locsin is being criticized for her "racist" tweet regarding Floyd Mayweather last Sunday, the day the American boxer beat Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas.

Using her official Twitter account @143redangel, the actress posted that one cannot tell if Mayweather has black eye, with obvious reference to the boxer's skin color.

"Lugi naman kasi tayo eh.. hindi natin makita kung may black eye na si mayweather.." she wrote.

She immediately followed it up with an apology, though.

"Sorry sa harsh tweets. Mahirap, pero I'll try to  move on na! Proud of you Manny! Congratulations to Mayweather! He's a good strategist," she tweeted.

Her previous post, however, immediately drew flak among Twitter users who said that it was "racist."

"@143redangel there's a very big difference between a harsh tweet and a racist one. Probably condemn his act. Never touch his skin color," @Balooogggssssss posted.

Angel replied, saying she didn't intend to make it sound racist.

"@Balooogggssssss 'parang milk ang skin ni nichole kidman' iisipin mo rin bang racist comment to? Sorry hindi po ganun ang ibig kong sabihin," the actress posted.

Her analogy, however, wasn't accepted.

"@143redangel Ma'am, your previous tweet definitely suggests racism. Stating that of Kidman is a different case. Know the difference," @Balooogggssssss replied.

In a reply to another Twitter user who said that her tweet would be taken as racist even if she doesn't mean any harm, Angel made another comparison.

"Depende siguro ho sa tao yun. Kung mag post ako ng 'hindi ko makita yung an-an nya sa sobrang put', racist rin ba ang dating?" she asked.

It was answered by @TheTrilipush who said that it's all about context.

"@143redangel You're either ignorant of the oppression the black community has faced through history or just lack empathy. And you obviously referenced Mayweather's skin color in ridicule. It's all about context. Huwag mo kaming gawing tanga," the series of posts said.

Angel, however, remained unwavered.

"Kung fair ang skin at sinabihan ko ng 'lugi tayo at hindi makita ang an-an nya sa sobrang puti', racist comment rin? Baka kayo ang may issue," she posted.

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