Monday, March 23, 2015

Melissa Mendez stands by her version of the story, says she had emotional trauma

Melissa Mendez has been posting screengrabs of social media posts by her alleged fellow passengers in the Cebu Pacific flight that she was offloaded from on Friday morning.

Standing by her words that she was the victim (as opposed to Andrew Wolff and Rey Pamaran's social media posts), the screengrabs she has been posting are of those posts that seem to agree with her version of the story.

Melissa Mendez on Instagram

The above post shows a screengrab of someone whose name was partly hidden. Claiming to be in the same Cebu Pacific flight with Melissa, Andrew and Rey, the post says that the well-built guys (presumably Andrew and Rey) shouted like uneducated people. "Para siyang si anabel rama na ginawang lalaki," part of the post reads.

Melissa Mendez on Instagram 2

Another post shows a collage of screengrabs, where one says that Rey should have been offloaded from the flight as well.

According to Melissa as written in the second photo's caption, those screengrabs "are just some testimonies of those on board the flight where I was offloaded."

She also said that she is "fighting this battle not only for my own sake but for the sake of all #Women who may be berated, humiliated, maligned, threatened, disrespected, verbally abused, mocked, bullied and taunted thus caused emotional trauma."

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