Monday, February 23, 2015

'Two Wives' down to its last few weeks

Primetime drama “Two Wives” once again created a buzz online and was among the top trending topics Thursday night (Feb 19) after the tension-filled search and rescue operation for Marcus, who accidentally fell in an excavation hole.

Kaye Abad, Erich Gonzales - Two Wives

Netizens were very much affected by Erich Gonzales’ portrayal of her role as Janine thus, tweets about her as well as Marcus poured online, making them trend nationwide.

As “Two Wives” draws closer to its much-awaited finale, viewers get more eager to find out how the conflict between Janine and Yvonne will end.

With Victor’s conviction and Marcus’ accident, Yvonne is slowly being eaten up by revenge and is now willing to play dirty like Janine just to protect her family. Will Yvonne lose herself and completely succumb to revenge? What will Victor do to escape jail? Can Victor and Yvonne still patch things up in the end? What will stop Janine from executing her evil plans?

Don’t miss the last few weeks of “Two Wives,” weeknights after “Forevermore” on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. For more updates, follow the program’s official social media accounts at,, at or visit its official website at

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