Thursday, November 13, 2014

'EDSA Woolworth' music video featuring Summer Breeze's 'Dressing Room'

One of the many little things that will linger in the minds of the moviegoers when they watch TFC@theMovies’ second film offering, EDSA Woolworth, is the music soundtrack.  There are four Filipino American artists whose original works are featured in this precious and unique family movie for the holidays.  One of them is Summer Breeze a.k.a. producer-singer-songwriter-musician Amiel Maquilan, based in South San Francisco, California, whose song, “Dressing Room (Blessed Me With You)”, is a beautiful, memorable, and proudly Filipino composition that will mesmerize viewers of said movie.

Summer Breeze - Dressing Room

Summer Breeze is a youtube sensation managed by The Luna Co.  His music videos, showing acoustic soul, pop, jazz and R&B influences, have drawn over 6 million views combined on YouTube, which propelled him to travel and perform in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Oregon, the Midwest, Canada and the Philippines.  He has shared the stage with the Bay Area’s number one FilAm R&B group Legaci (who performed as back-up singers for Justin Bieber) and with international superstars, Black Eyed Peas.

On his Facebook page, it says that “his drive for music increases day by day and continually works even harder to spread his messages across the nation. He says, ‘I just want to use the gift that God has given me with all my might and to inspire those who are uninspired.'”

Listen and sing along with Summer Breeze when his song, “Dressing Room (Blessed Me With You)”, plays on TFC@theMovies’ EDSA Woolworth, showing this Friday, November 14, in 49 theatres in US & Canada.

The song, “Dressing Room (Blessed Me With You)”, is available on iTunes.

Here's the official music video of "EDSA Woolworth" featuring "The Dressing Room":

The lyrics below:

Dressing Room (Blessed Me With You)

“The best things in life are found when you’re not looking.” – Amiel Maquilan

saw her smile the first time the other day
never let opportunity slip away
caught her all alone in the dressing room
told her that “i really love your hair”
then began to swoon

saw her eyes and began to stare
the whole world came to stop like no ones there
they say it’s windows to the soul
pure and beautiful­
what’s this feeling in my heart
cupid shot a dart

doesn’t take a day to recognize sunshine
give me all your trust and i’ll give you all of my time
God put you in my plans today

you’re the reason why i smile didn’t expect to come
from the feeling in my heart it’s a brand new start with
God put you in my life and my dreams are coming
i was lonely in my life so He blessed me with

memories, silly things, did today
violins, guitar strings start to play
standing next to me while you smile some more
i can take you downtown we’ll explore the world
city lights and Bernal Heights, she likes that
long walks and funny talks come back
feeling so complete i begin to see
that everything we do is like a movie scene

doesn’t take a day to recognize sunshine
give me all your trust and i’ll give you all of my time.
God put you in my plans today.

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