Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lovi Poe, Rocco Nacino star in Cinema One Original 'Soap Opera'

After admitting last July that they are exclusively dating, Lovie Poe and Rocco Nacino star together in the drama film “Soap Opera” which is the entry of director Remton Zuasola in this year’s Cinema One Originals Festival.

Cinema One Originals

“Soap Opera,” the latest full-length feature of Zuasola, director of the award-winning Cinema One Original “Damgo ni Eleuteria,” chronicles the struggle of Noel (Matt Daclan) and Liza (Natleigh Sitoy) as they try to find support for their sickly child.

Because of desperation, they welcome the wealthy foreigner Ben into their home who is hoping to build a family of his own. Together, they play the game of make believe which is not far from the plots of the bizarre TV soap operas that Noel and Liza watch daily.

Lovi and Rocco play the stars in the TV soap opera within the movie. Joining them in the cast are Matt Daclan, Natleigh Sitoy, Chris Perris and child star Bugoy Carino.

Catch “Soap Opera” in the following theatres:

November 10: 7:00PM Fairview Terraces (Gala 1) | 9:00PM Trinoma (Gala 2)

November 11: 2:30PM Trinoma | 5:00PM Glorietta

November 13: 2:30PM Fairview Terraces | 5:45PM Greenhills Dolby Atmos (Q&A)

November 15: 12:30PM Fairview Terraces | 10:10PM Greenhills Dolby Atmos

November 16: 7:00PM Glorietta | 10:30PM Trinoma

November 18: 12:30PM Greenhills Dolby Atmos

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