Thursday, October 16, 2014

Luis Manzano to reveal a big surprise

Luis “Lucky” Manzano says he has a huge announcement to make this coming October.

Luis Manzano for Maldita

Although the young actor’s life has been pretty much an open book—what with 3.4 million Twitter followers and half a million more on Instagram getting the full Lucky Manzano experience—he says that he has been keeping this big secret for quite some time now and has only recently finally decided to share it with everyone.

Rumor has it that this big secret will definitely expose a different side of him, a side not many are aware of, which makes us all question whether or not this will render a positive or negative response from his fans.

There’s already some talk as to what this big secret could actually be, especially with the extra time Lucky has been clocking at the gym lately. It certainly doesn’t help that his beautiful beau, the lovely Angel Locsin, has been keeping mum about any such revelations as well. So it just leaves one to ask—what on earth is Lucky up to!?

His mischievous grin doesn’t give a lot away, but he assures us one thing: we are going to be seeing a lot of Lucky Manzano in the coming month. A whole lot more…

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