Sunday, October 19, 2014

Andre Paras gets birthday message from biological mom Jackie Forster

Andre Paras is turning 19 on November 1, and his estranged mother, former actress Jackie Forster, posted a birthday message for him on Instagram.

Andre and Kobe Paras with mother and grandparents

In the caption of a "throwback" photo collage showing a baby Andre with Jackie and her parents, she wrote:
Andre's birthday is coming up in 2 weeks, he'll turn 19 ♡ One of the biggest mysteries to me before was if i made such a big mistake then how come my kids were also kept away from my family? Why were they also not allowed to visit, call or come see them? They have made attempts through me and also directly. And when you look deeper into it, almost everybody that has any association to me have also been cut off... the boys dont even know who their Godparents are. That is extreme isolation. How dangerous was i to them really that all this was necessary? My family didn't deserve any of this. My grandparents and mom took me in when i was pregnant with Andre and my whole family were the ones beside me when i gave birth, not his father. So many facts people need to sift through before judging why i did the things i did or if some things were actually true or just made up. Praying as Andre becomes an adult he can use his heart to think things through and remember how much i loved them.. Everybody keeps telling me they are kind and smart young men... I guess time will tell ♡ #mothersLove #Throwback
Andre and his younger brother, Kobe, got separated from Jackie when they were young. During their Startalk interview in June last year, the two teens were asked about their biological mom but they instead thanked their stepmom, Lixen Dimampo-Paras, for always being there for them.

Reports say Andre and Kobe were traumatized by something Jackie did in the past and they haven’t moved on from the pain. That's allegedly the reason why they still don't want to talk about her.

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Photo: Instagram (jackie_forster)
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