Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jasmine Curtis-Smith speaks up, admits she and Daniel Padilla exchanged text messages

Jasmine Curtis-Smith has broken her silence regarding the "audio scandal" of Daniel Padilla that was recently uploaded on the internet.

Although Jasmine's name was not mentioned by Daniel in the audio, speculations that she was the girl the Teen King was referring to arose because of the mention of a certain Sam.

"Wala na si Patrick. Wala nang manggugulo sa 'kin. Wala na'ng tropa ni Sam," Daniel was heard as saying.

Some fans immediately thought Sam was the 20-year-old actress' boyfriend, Sam Concepcion, and she was the girl Daniel said he was texting.

(Listen to Daniel Padilla's so-called "audio scandal.")

In an interview with ABS-CBN News' Gretchen Fullido, Jasmine admitted that she and Daniel have exchanged text messages recently.

"Before [the audio recording] came out, of course, [Daniel and I] were working together on a project for MMFF and that's where we got to talk to each other and during that time, I was going through a bit of a down moment because I was scared something would happen to my dad," she said, referring to the recent surgery her dad underwent.

She added that the people at the set of their MMFF movie, "Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo," knew how affected and sad she was with her dad's health condition.

"So the day of the surgery, which was after we wrapped up the project, he texted me to ask about my dad, so all our conversations revolved around how my father was doing, kamusta 'yung operation n'ya... and 'yun that's where it ended and really everything revolved as if we were friends and you know I thought nothing else of it and nothing else was meant from the texts aside from concern because they saw how fragile I was regarding my dad and his health," she narrated.

The "Dementia" actress also didn't think it was her that Daniel was referring to in the audio because she saw their exchange of messages as just friendship.

"When I heard the audio I didn't assume it was me. I didn't hear it properly, it was very muffled, so ano na lang, parang okay people are thinking it's me. Sige, parang, kayo na lang bahala kasi ayoko na namang mag-assume bilang I saw everything as friendship... friendship  lang naman 'yung na-insinuate ko," she said.

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