Monday, April 8, 2013

‘Baklang Baboy’ prank call video No. 2 surfaces


Although he has already apologized, a new prank call video of Allan Soriano, now popularly known as “Baklang Baboy,” has surfaced on Facebook courtesy of the page Master, Wendell. It was also in this page where the first video of Allan, which drew a lot of flak from netizens, appeared.

Allan Soriano aka Baklang Baboy

At the start of the video, Allan said he was going to do another series of prank calls because a lot has requested for it. This second video was obviously done before he started receiving the ire of netizens, and also before he made the apology video.

In the video, he said that he has the LBC website open on his computer, obviously because the numbers that he was going to make prank calls to were listed there.

And yes, he pranked LBC branches all throughout this second video. Check it out below.

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