Friday, January 20, 2012

Big Brother Brazil Rape Scandal

Monique Amin, a female housemate inside the Big Brother house of the ongoing twelfth season of Big Brother Brazil was allegedly raped while asleep in her bed inside the Big Brother house on Saturday night.


Daniel Echaniz, a fellow male housemate, was the alleged rapist as the night vision camera inside the bedroom recorded.

The video showed Amin under her sheets, head on the pillow and appears to be sleeping. Echaniz eventually got into the bed alongside her and the sexual act happened.

The next morning, Amin allegedly appeared in the diary room (confession room) and was asked about the previous night's "incident." She reportedly didn't know about it.

The Big Brother Brazil contestants were drinking and partying before the alleged rape happened. Unconfirmed reports claim that Amin, a 23-year-old student, was said to have previously passed out from alcohol consumption.

A police inspector was sent to the Big Brother house to investigate. Reports say he questioned Amin for three hours, took photos and brought her to a medical center for evaluation.

Police ordered Globo, the television network airing the program, to either stop airing or remove the 31-year-old Echaniz from the reality show. The network chose the latter and the move was translated as an act of racism by Echaniz's mother.

The authorities wouldn't say much to the media about their investigation but on Monday, the show's presenter Pedro Bial talked on television regarding the matter.

“Since Sunday morning, the board had been evaluating the behavior of Daniel, who is suspected of having infringed the rules of the program,"  Bial said. "Big Brother examined his behavior without jumping to conclusions and with the utmost care. The images showed a breach of the rules of the program.

"After careful evaluation, the direction of the program found that the behavior of the contestant on the night of the party was seriously inadequate.”

The authorities are still investigating the case and trying to determine whether Amin was unconcious, asleep or awake when the incident transpired. They are also trying to find out if if what was recorded on tape was non-consensual or if any previous intimate relationship occured between Amin and Echaniz.

Meanwhile, Jonas Sulzbach, whose webcam scandal recently appeared on the internet, is also a contestant currently inside the Big Brother Brazil season 12 house.

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