Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Carla Abellana's E-mail to Mario Bautista

After columnist Mario Bautista confronted Carla Abellana during My Neighbor's Wife's press conference last night, one would wonder what the actress wrote in her e-mail to Mario that made him confront her in that manner at the said presscon.

My Neighbor's Wife presscon

Good thing Jojo Gabinete has an unedited copy of the e-mail that he published in his PEP.ph blog, Cabinet Files.

You can read the content of Carla's e-mail to the columnist below.

“HI Mario! This is Carla Abellana. I just read your Journal August 21 article entitled ‘Geoff Won’t Watch Carla’s Daring Movie’ and was shocked.

“First off, I don’t remember being interviewed by you recently.

“Second, not a single word you supposedly ‘quoted’ from me is true. Those words never came out of my mouth.

“Third, I was never challenged by Ms. Lovi Poe in our movie because it was never a goal for me to equal her in this movie. My character’s goal is different from hers and she’s a completely different actress with a completely different role from mine.
“It was never an intention for me to equal her in this movie because whatever I do, I never will!

“For you to use such words as ‘… biggest challenge here for me is Lovi Poe…’ and ‘… I feel obligated na pantayan yung ginagawa niya…’ are words that never even crossed my mind, all the more come out of my mouth.

“Fourth, the supposed quotation in the last line of your first paragraph says, ‘Ganu’n din si Jake Cuenca, mahusay in doing bed scenes.’

“How can I possibly say that when Jake and I haven’t even done a love scene?

“Lastly, I never said that Mr. Geoff Eigenmann decided not to watch the movie. I never said that because presently he is not even sure if he’s going to be in the country when the movie comes out.

“It makes me wonder where you got all your information. Obviously this article is based on second-hand information, therefore unreliable.

“This is an opportunity for you to receive straight feedback from me, as I hope that it is important since I am the subject of this article.

“Please double check on your information and ‘facts’ first before publishing anything. A basic rule that I’m sure a respected writer such as you already know and consider common sense.

“Thank you very much and I can only hope that you publish an erratum article following this.

“If not, I can always clarify this to other press members during our succeeding press cons for ‘My Neighbor’s Wife.’”

Aside from Carla Abellana, My Neighbor's Wife is topbilled by Dennis Trillo, Jake Cuenca, and Lovi Poe. Written and directed by Palanca awardee Jun Lana, the movie will hit theaters nationwide on September 14, 2011.

via http://ht.ly/1emHu1
photo: http://www.facebook.com/pages/My-Neighbors-Wife/204355772944008


Anonymous said...

gagong bading yan , kulang lang sa pansin

Anonymous said...

tinatawag pa ang sarili columnist eh nagsusulat nang may quote pa kuno d naman pala na interview

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