Friday, October 31, 2008

Survivor Philippines Ep 35: Jace Gets the Boot

Tribal Council day and Mommy Zita has the Immunity Necklace. Charisse is still confused on who to vote out and Kiko has qualms about Rob's loyalty. Jace is a hundred percent sure of JC's cooperation while Marlon isn't convinced about it.

The remaining 10 castaways will be part of the jury during the final stage of the competition. They have power on who will be the first ever Sole Survivor.

Zita compared her winning the immunity to Manny Pacquiao's victory. The way she was carried by her fellow castaways reminded her of how Pacquiao was carried in the same manner by his supporters.

About who she'd give the Immunity Necklace to if she had the chance to do so, she said she'd just keep it for herself because she thinks she's the one in danger.

In the end, the loyalty of the former Naak tribe to their team won over the lesser (former) Jarakay's. Kiko got 4 votes (the same number as of the remaining Jarakays) while Jace got 6 (the same number as of the remaining Naaks).

So Marlon's judgment over JC's loyalty is correct. And it is now quite clear to the remaining 3 Jarakays that JC somehow betrayed them. Will the pattern continue? Will the next castaway to leave be yet another Jarakay?

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